Vibe yellowfin 120

It's rudder ready and comes with a Vibe Journey paddle and a ventilated, adjustable positioning Hero seat! The Yellowfin 120 is THE premium, truly affordable, strong, lightweight, built-for-anglers watercraft. Sep 22, 2016 · An OGFer and now Vibe Pro staff angler told me to check out the yellowfin. I'm looking into this too. I'm just not sure if a 10 footer is going to handle well on the scioto. I'll send my buddy this thread and maybe he can add some info for you and I. Vibe Kayaks, Kennesaw, Georgia. 27K likes. Vibe is an affordable premium kayak brand that strives to be more than just an outdoor company—we are committed to coming alongside and serving a community... Jun 10, 2019 · Vibe Yellowfin 100 What customers say about the Yellowfin 100. At the time of this writing the Vibe Yellowfin 100 had 43 reviews on with an outstanding rate of 4.8 stars over 5. This is incredibly high for a product like this one.