Bmw e90 propshaft bearing noise

Apr 21, 2015 · The car is torn apart, both front wheel bearings, calipers, brake pads have been replaced, and it still makes a loud groaning noise and it sounds like an airplane. The bearing in the fwd intermediate shaft is dry and makes noise when you spin it. G M has discontinued the part and not one person at any of the parts stores knows what im talking ... It has been maintained by a BMW dealer and recently received a 50k mile service. Recently, the car developed a whoop noise, which I have diagnosed as the center suppport bearing. I took it to an independent and they replaced what was diagnosed as a bad rear passenger wheel bearing. However, the noise still exists. How to rebuild your BMW differential and stop it being noisy. 186 likes. Many modern BMW differentials suffer from bearing noise, this book will show you one simple way to replace the bearings so... The driveshaft on E90 models can be serviced as a unit or individual parts can be replaced. The front and rear sections of the driveshaft can be separated and the center bearing can be removed from the rear section. BMW X5 2005, Driveshaft Center Support Bearing by National®. This part is manufactured by one of the most trusted names in the automotive industry to keep your vehicle perform optimally. It is built to the original equipment... The Bavarian Motor Works Company company is known for its obsession with detail, quality and leading-edge technologies. The vehicles from this famed German automaker justifiably have been highly popular for decades. BMW has a long and interesting history. BMW was originally founded in 1916 but it didnt build or manufacture a car until 1928.