How to enable google assistant ambient mode

Nov 26, 2019 · Tapping through shows notification cards with messages, calls, appointments, weather and more. At the bottom is a row of icons for controlling smart lights, enabling "do not disturb" mode and more. Here is how to turn on and off Google Assistant Ambient Mode on your device. To get Assistant Ambient Mode on your device, update the Google app to the latest version, or install the latest beta version of the app. Long press on the Assistant button (bottom center), tap on your profile picture and then tap on Settings. Tap on the ‘Assistant’ tab, scroll down, and under ‘Assistant devices’ tap on Phone. This is what Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode is going to look like ... an APK teardown done by 9to5Google detailed an upcoming update that would enable a new interface ... At the bottom is the ... The Google Assistant received the Ambient Mode, however, only in the beta version. It was soon made available on select Android smartphones. And just last week, it became available to more Android devices. And the good news is, the Ambient Mode is getting improvements to your mobile experience. Ambient Mode rolls out to Google Assistant