Head world cup rebels review

Head Worldcup Rebels i.SL RD For 2017, Head has incorporated the miracle material Graphene™ – carbon reduced to the irreducible one atom – into the i.SL RD’s make-up. One might be forgiven for thinking that adding Graphene would ipso facto reduce the ski’s weight, but racers aren’t looking for lighter skis, but ones with perfect ... The Head WC Rebels iSL RD Team slalom skis are designed to help take young slalom skiers to the next level. The skis feature an exceptionally short turn radius resulting in a very agile, lively ski. Head's World Cup sandwich construction packs plenty of explosive acceleration out of turns. The Head World Cup Rebels I.Speed is a powerful, non-FIS Legal GS race ski for rec league racers, high schoolers, and NASTAR champs. The Race Structured UHM C Base absorbs wax very well, and glides very fast towards the finish line. Head's KERS Techn... Alexis Pinturault wins the Slalom in Val d'Isère 1.44 seconds ahead of fellow World Cup Rebel André Myhrer! "It was very tricky and complicated but I tried to attack. My feeling was not the best during the run but I am happy with my time."