Hegel amplifier stereophile

May 25, 2017 · Think of the Hegel H90 ($2000) as the little brother to Röst (which I liked).The H90 is a 60 Watter (into 8 ohms) and includes all of the digital niceties of the Röst (Ethernet, USB DAC, Coax S/PDIF, and 3x Toslink in) while keeping Hegel's SoundEngine tech as found in its bigger brother. Hegel has yet another trick in its digital repertoire, though. If you already own a good stand-alone DAC (with a coax input), and you want to make use of it to improve performance, Hegel offers a neat DAC-loop feature on both the H300 and H360. Hegel’s presentation is typically very clean and slightly forward sounding, but this has been successively tempered in each generation of Hegel amplifier. The H80 was less bright than its predecessors, and the H90 is more ‘brisk’ and ‘clean’ than ‘bright’. Hegel Music Systems has been on a roll. Since my review of the H100 integrated amplifier in September 2010, the Norwegian company has released three DACs, a preamp, a headphone amp/DAC, a power amp, and two integrateds, as well as updating a power amp already in the line.