Gatsby referenceerror react is not defined

React Brasil added 238 new photos to the album: REACT Conf 2019 — with João Gustavo and Larissa Thaís de Farias. October 28, 2019 · nosso muito obrigado a todos os inscritos, parceiros, patrocinadores e amigos que fizeram desta a maior React Conf já realizada. valeu! ReferenceError: React is not defined Sizing show React show HTML Using the col prop on a FlexCol or the col-{n} classes, you can create a basic grid system by specifying the width of each column out of 24. Your Vue.JS / React Code Throws Errors in IE11 And You Don't Know What To Do? 16 Aug · by Tim Kamanin · 2 min read I hope this post will help someone who works on the Vue.JS or React code and the app keeps throwing errors in IE11 despite all transpilers, precompilers, polyfills and voodoo magic you've already applied to it. javascript - react - uncaught referenceerror: regeneratorruntime is not defined babel 7 Babel 6 regeneratorRuntime is not defined (20) When testing a React or more specifically a Gatsby.js application that uses it is necessary to make sure that you mock Sentry. This way you aren’t actually making API calls, and more importantly you should most likely not be loading Sentry in your test environment anyways. Uses default if this option not set. processPostTypes - (optional) post types to process. You can include custom post types as defined in WPGraphQL however CPTs also need to have some code added to create pages on Gatsby site. And that is currently outside of this theme's scope.