Spss select if multiple conditions

The If Cases dialog box allows you to apply data transformations to selected subsets of cases, using conditional expressions. A conditional expression returns a value of true, false, or missing for each case. If the result of a conditional expression is true, the case is included in the selected subset. Apr 08, 2016 · This video demonstrates how to recode variables in SPSS with specified condition for inclusion of records. The SPSS “Recode into Different Variables” function and the included “If Cases ... You may select cases for analysis in two ways: The FILTER BY command temporarily selects cases that fulfil a condition that usually is (but has not necessarily to be) defined in a yes/no mode (with yes = 1 and no = 0); it can be undone by the command FILTER OFF. Apply a computation conditionally, so that a new variable is only computed for cases where certain conditions are met; In this tutorial, we'll discuss how to compute variables in SPSS using numeric expressions, built-in functions, and conditional logic. To compute a new variable, click Transform > Compute Variable. SPSS: Common Data Transformations & Case Management Using Compute to create a new variable from a formula From the Date, Syntax or Output windows… Transform Compute • compute statements can be used to create new variables • the new variable will “appear” in the rightmost column in the data display