Luxman receiver

Nov 19, 2019 · The Luxman has half the power, The little Scotties really have that "euphonic" distortion thing going on, having an unusual ability to push surface noise behind the music. Seems to address those qualities that make the Luxman attractive, also has that retro look and feel that appears to be driving so much of the Hi-End these days. This the beautifully styled Luxman R-1120 receiver. As you can see it has a nice symmetrical design and beautiful wood veneer case. Introduced in 1976 this was Luxman’s top of the line unit until it was discontinued in 1979. Luxman’s M-900u ($19,900 USD) is the companion model to the identically priced, similarly styled C-900u preamplifier, which I reviewed in November. Not surprisingly, the two models feature the same build quality: top shelf, even in comparison to products two or three times the price.