Warning box latex

Warning label templates and cautionary label templates available to download for free. I currently use Sphinx to generate LaTeX output which is turned into a PDF for book-style output using pdftex.. Currently, I have notices, warnings, and other "admonitions" showing up inside a bounded box, in a style that looks a little like this: DocFX Flavored Markdown. DocFX supports DocFX Flavored Markdown, aka DFM.It supports all GitHub Flavored Markdown syntax and compatible with CommonMark. Also, DFM adds new syntax to support additional functionalities, including cross reference and file inclusion. Jun 10, 2014 · However, since your a windows user (based on previous threads), I think LaTeX-Box might work better. In any case, as I said, it would be helpful if you could give me latex code that reproduces the warnings that you want to get line info about.