Huggett silencer

One end is machined for the industry standard ½” UNF thread, and the other is engraved with ‘Huggett’ and ‘BTAS’. Once the exit end cap is removed, the internals can be seen, which consist of two washers dividing the interior into three chambers. Sound absorbing wadding is wrapped around ventilated machined alloy tubes,... Huggett Belita Airgun Moderator 1/2″ unf .22. The Huggett Belita Airgun Moderator sound moderator is a small and compact air rifle silencer. With a standard ½inch UNF thread to fit most air rifles. The body of this silencer is made from Aircraft grade Aluminium which not only keeps the weight to a minimum but is very tough as well. Apr 19, 2016 · Just the shroud. Huggett removed for this demonstration. 82db reached. 73db with the Huggett installed. Final Thoughts. The FX Wildcat with Huggett Moderator is a great setup for both the enthusiast and professional varminter alike. The addition of the Huggett moderator helps convert this rifle into a true silent assassin.